What is RSA?

Welcome to Russian Society for Aesthetics – the interregional public organization called to unite those who:

– is not indifferent to the fate of research in Russian aesthetics;
– wants to be aware of all events taking place in the world of aesthetics in Russia and abroad;
– feels the strength and desire not only to watch how Russian aesthetics are moving by leaps and bounds, but also wants to take an active part in this movement.

The goals of Russian Society for Aesthetics are:

– promoting the development of aesthetics as a field of professional knowledge and education in Russia;
– professional consolidation of scientists and specialists conducting research in the field of aesthetics in Russia;
– attracting the attention of scientists in other fields and the general public to aesthetics.

To realize statutory goals, RSA implements the following types of activities:
– informs RSA`s members about the researchwork conducted in Russia and abroad and
conferences on aesthetics;
– represents the professional interests of RSA`s members in foreign scientific aesthetic organizations;
– regularly holds aesthetic congresses under the auspices of RSA;
– contributes to the organization, conduct and information support of other scientific activities related to aesthetics in Russia;
– promotes to the popularization of basic aesthetic knowledge;
– encourages the scientific and publication activity of young researchers in aesthetics (including regular selection of the best works of students and young scientists in high schools Russia, awards their authors with the diplomas, gives these authors the opportunity to present their works at RSA`s congresses);
– nominates scientists in aesthetics for prizes, honorary titles and promotes them in Russian and international scientific organizations;
– carries out publishing activities in accordance with the Russian legislation;
– collects, stores and distributes historical and current information on researchwork in Russia and abroad in cooperation with the largest libraries and other sources of information;
– reviews scientific literature related to aesthetics, prepares textbooks for secondary, higher and postgraduate state and non-state educational institutions in subjects related to aesthetic issues;
– places information on the RSA`s current activities on the official website.


May 19, 2017 in St. Petersburg The Constituent Congress of Russian Society for Aesthetics was organised and held. The congress gathered 38 founders from among there are professors and students of the universities of St. Petersburg, Moscow, Yekaterinburg and Barnaul. Together they:

– decided to establish RSA;
– affirmed the RSA`s Charter;
– elected the first staff of the RSA`s Presidium:

President – Artem Evgenievich Radeev (St. Petersburg State University),
Vice-President – Boris Victorovich Orlov (UrFU),
Delegatе of the Congress –  Alexey Alexeevich Gryakalov (Herzen`s State Pedagogical University),
Executive secretary – Darina Alexandrovna Polikarpova (St. Petersburg State University).

– outlined the main directions of the RSA`s activity for the near future: the Journal`s publishing, the Congress` holding, an accession into International Association for Aesthetics (IAA), a creation of the site.

The main lines have many ramifications which are waiting for your active participation, help, attention and interest. We look forward to your willingness to conquer the new aesthetic heights, to dig up to the new aesthetic depths and to glide along the new aesthetic surfaces!