Russian Society for Aesthetics provides its activity both directly itself and with local affiliates. No less then 3 RSA`s members are needed to establish a local afilliate. Branches are not legal entities and act on the basis of the Charter.

The main legislature of RSA is the Congress, convened at least once in every two years. The First Constituent Congress was held in St. Petersburg in May 19, 2017. The protocol of the meeting is available here.

The exclusive competences of the Congress are:
– affirmation of the Charter and its corrections;
– making proposals on changing the Charter;
– suggestions of priority directions of RSA`s activities, principles of formation and use of its property;
– elections of RSA`s Presidium, as well as their early discharge;
– elections of RSA`s Auditing body, as well as their early discharge;
– approval of the annual report of financial statements;
– approval of the RSA`s financial plan;
– making decisions on the establishment of other legal entities, or RSA`s collaboration with other legal entities;
– making decisions on the procedure and amount of member`s payments;
– making decisions on RSA`s reorganization and liquidation;
– approval of reports of RSA`s Presidium and Auditing body.

Presidium is the executive body of RSA, which coordinates RSA`s activities between the Congresses. Presidium includes five members: President, Vice-President, two Delegates of the Congress, Executive secretary. It is elected for no less than two years.

The first staff of the RSA`s Presidium was elected on the Constituent Congress:

President – Artem Evgenievich Radeev (St. Petersburg State University),
Vice-President – Boris Victorovich Orlov (UrFU)
Delegate of the Congress –  Alexey Alexeevich Gryakalov (Herzen`s State Pedagogical University),
Executive secretary – Darina Alexandrovna Polikarpova (St. Petersburg State University).

Since the establishment of RSA, Presidium held seven meetings, during which some desicions on the key areas of activity determined by the Congress were made:

  • the Journal`s publishing,
  • the Congress` holding,
  • an accession into International Association for Aesthetics (IAA),
  • a creation of the site.

The reports of the Presidium`s sessions can be found here.

The activity of the Presidium in the intervals between the Congresses is controlled by the Auditing Body, whose commission is formed by the head of the Auditing Body elected by the Congress.

At the Constituent Congress , Artem Yoruevich Tylik was elected as a head of the Auditing Body.