Journal “Terra Aestheticae”

The Journal “Terra Aestheticae” is the official publication of Russian Society for Aesthetics.

The journal`s creation was approved to be one of the main lines of work at the first stage, so the RSA`s Presidium began to work out the structure of the journal and its editorial policy and started conversations with international scientists for the organisation of the editorial board.

By now, the following foreign colleagues have given their agreement to join the international editorial board:

Noel Carroll, USA

Bohdan Dziemidok, Poland

Maria Vabalaite, Lithuania

Mishko Suvakovic, Serbia

Jale Erzen, Turkey

Zoltan Somhegyi, United Arab Emirates

Adrian Kvokacka, Slovakia

Kenichi Sasaki, Japan

Peng Feng, China

Joosik Min, Republic of Korea

Max Ryynänen, Finland

Christoph Wolf, Germany

Beata Frydryczak, Poland

Harry Lehmann, Germany

Sebastian Stankiewicz, Poland

Arto Haapala, Finland

Now “Terra Aestheticae” announce CALL FOR PAPERS for the next issues. The file with all detailes is available hear.

Dear colleagues, we are very grateful to everybody who has sent his papers for the first issues. We are proud to declare that aestheticians from 6 countries have offered us their writings.

To prepare your paper see the details below.


Dear colleagues,

With this letter we kindly invite you to send your articles on aesthetics for the first issue of “Terra Aestheticae”, the official journal of Russian Society for Aesthetics. We suppose our journal to be included into largest international data bases.

The content of every issue will be divided into the following sections:

– THEORY (the aesthetic field from contemporary theoretical points of view);

– HISTORY (appearance, transformations and adventures of aesthetic ideas in different times and within different cultures);

– TRANSLATIONS (significant aesthetic sources translated into Russian)

– REVIEWS (expositions of remarkable publications, dissertations and conferences on aesthetics)

– PRACTICES  (descriptions of aesthetic experience of different kinds).

Please, send your papers to editorial e-mail:


Our journal is bilingual (English and Russian), it means that all texts will have this quality in their structure. If you write in English you do your work the main part of your work (your name, your affiliation, the title, annotation, key words, the very text body, references) in this language but after these mentioned parts you add Russian details of apparatus (the name, the title, annotation and key words). If you write in Russian you do the same job but vice-versa. Your text must be of no less than 20000 and no more than 40000 characters including spaces, English Russian parts in total.

Your text must be organized in the following order:

  1. You must put your name and your affiliation before your text in the language of the main part of your publication, and e-mail.
  2. Then you put the title in the same language.
  3. Then the annotation in the same language follows, it must consist of  200-300 words.
  4. Then you put the key words  (7-10 ones) in the same language.
  5. Then references in the language of the main text are going. Our journal supports Harvard style of references.
  6. Then you put annotation in the language of translation (200-300 words). Than you put the key words in the language of translation.

Your file must be saved in Rich Text Format (rtf), font Book Antiqua, 12 for main the main part of the article (the name, the title, the body of the text) and Book Antiqua, 10 for the apparatus (annotations, key words, references). Please, make margins as in this letter and paragraphs as in the model, that is available for downloading here.